"A beacon of light, A ray of hope,
Guided by truth, Justice shall prevail."
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Michael O'Laughlin
FREED 1/19/10
Henry Houghypm
30 years in prison
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Ben LaGuer
29 years in prison
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Anthony Broom
31 years in prison
Alfred Trenkler
19 years in prison
Jason Payne
4  years in prison
Granted new trial 2/27/13
David Thorne
13 years in prison
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Six reasons why people are wrongly convicted

Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convicted
"Obtaining Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted"
Criminal Justice Advocates
Lawyers understand the rules of law; Advocates understand the logic and evidence of innocence
Before requestingt assistance from us please read Advocates 4 Wrongfully Criteria to ensure that you meet the guidelines we have established for accepting cases.