Who We Are
Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convicted is an all volunter organization dedicated to calling attention to the wrongs of those people unjustly convicted and wrongfully imprisoned. We have first hand experience working with the wrongfully convicted; it is through this expereince that we are able to create awareness of wrongful convictions within our justice system.

We are not lawyers. We are criminal justice advocates. We are successful businessmen, problem solvers, project managers, and marketing professionals. We have experience working with lawyers and interfacing with other advocate groups, including the Innocence Projects. Our primary focus is to create awareness within the legal community, news media, and general public of wrongful convictions.

Dick Blanchard, Founder and Executive Director of Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convicted, spent his career in the high-technology field in corporate management, marketing, and as a business owner and entrepreneur. Upon his early retirement in 1999, Dick was looking for something different to do, but something that would utilize skills he had acquired in years spent in the business world. He became involved in the wrongfully convicted movement in 2003 and developed an approach that could be utilized to create awareness of the plight of those people unjustly convicted and wrongfully imprisoned.

We are the outside advocate wrongfully convicted prisoners need to get their truth spoken, obtain justice due them, and set them free.

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