"A beacon of light, A ray of hope,
Guided by truth, Justice shall prevail."

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Michael O'Laughlin
FREED 1/19/10
Henry Houghton
34 years in prison
Ben LaGuer
33 years in prison
People that have visited this site
Anthony Broom
35 years in prison
Alfred Trenkler
23 years in prison
Jason Payne
Granted new trial 2/27/13
David Thorne
18 years in prison
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Lawyers understand the rules of law; Advocates understand the logic and evidence of innocence
Michael Clark
5 years in prison
A powerful critique of the American criminal justice system
Darlie Routier
21 years on death row
Luke Pelham
2 years in prison
Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convicted
Dustin Turner
21 years in prison